Ayato wakes up on the modified La Grande Famille by René Magritte and enters the subway station, finding Quon. He asks her what to do, and promises to be gentle in the tuning.

Sayoko stabs Itsuki to death and Bähbem reveals that Sayoko was programmed to love Itsuki. Nevertheless, Itsuki says he has found his blue bird and dies content.

Prodded by Megumi, Haruka joins the tuning; as a consequence, Maya joins as well. Maya comes to terms with the fact that Ayato wants Haruka more than he wants a pure Mu world. Bähbem is robbed of his view of the tuning by a bullet from Takeshi. Ayato defeats Quon and re-tunes the world to one where he was not separated from Haruka. They are married and have a daughter named Quon. Haruka gets off the phone with Megumi and Hiroko and Mamoru are invited to a class reunion. Ayato has just finished a painting of a girl in a yellow dress looking out over the sea. Haruka asks coyly who the girl in the picture is, and it is explained through a Coda that the girl that Ixtli copied her appearance from was a young Haruka.