Shirow watari

(亘理 士郎 Watari Shirō)

Japanese seiyū: Kenji Utsumi
English voice actor: Mike Kleinhenz First appearance: Episode 2

Shirow Watari is the dird coordinating with the Bähbem Foundation. Though his public persona is as stern and serious as that of his friend Jin Kunugi, he is more cheerful around the other TERRA employees; the souvenirs he buys for the employees is a running joke in the series. Watari was the assistant of Professor Rikudo, and they found Quon and Maya together. Shirow Kamina eventually married Maya, but he changed his family name to Watari after Maya had gone over to the Mu. Watari is the biological father of Ayato and Itsuki. Although hesitant to meet Ayato, during his first meeting he subtly alludes to their relationship but is completely ignored.

In other versions

In the movie, Watari is also Ayato's biological father, but in this case the pregnancy was unplanned and fully in utero. Watari escaped with Maya, but she was being turned to the Mu and appears to have killed him during the escape. He does not appear in the manga.