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In the year 2012, a mysterious organisation called "MU" suddenly attacks Tokyo.
At the time, Ayato Kamina is just a regular high school student. His father had passed away when he was young, and his mother works for the government. Ayato meets a mysterious woman named Reika Mishima and discovers the existence of the angel-winged giant robot, Rahxephon. Apparently, Rahxephon is synchronised with Ayato. Might he be the key to Japan's salvation?


Characters Tokyo Jupiter Terra Terra 2
Ayato Kamina Maya Kamina Jin Kunugi Sayoko Nanamori
Haruka Shitow Hiroko Asahina Megumi Shitow Elvy Hadhiyat
Reika Mishima Mamoru Torigai Kim Hotal Alpha Squadron
Quon Kisaragi Masayoshi Kuki Souichi Yagumo Makoto Isshiki
The RahXephon Shinobu Miwa Itsuki Kisaragi Shirow Watari

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