(六道 翔吾 Rikudō Shōgo)

Japanese seiyū: Chikao Ohtsuka English voice actor: John Swasey First appearance: Episode 5

Shougo Rikudo is a retired archaeologist living in Nirai-Kanai. He is Haruka and Megumi Shitow's uncle, and welcomes Ayato into his household. Soft-spoken and wise, he helps to ground the other characters. He is an expert at shogi, the Japanese equivalent of chess, and at Japanese calligraphy (shodo). It is revealed that it was Professor Rikudo and his assistant Shirow Watari who found Maya and Quon at the shrine, and that Maya was raised as Rikudo's adoptive daughter.

In other versions

Rikudo has an equally prominent position in the movie as in the series, and he takes on a greater importance in telling the story. In the movie, he is the one to encourage Haruka to join Ayato. He does not appear in the manga.