Maya kamina

(神名 麻弥 Kamina Maya)

Japanese seiyū: Ichiko Hashimoto
English voice actor: Laura Chapman First appearance: Episode 1

Maya Kamina is Ayato's mother and is often away from home, leaving Ayato feeling neglected and wishing to spend more time with her. Although Ayato initially believes she works in a lab, she is actually a very powerful Mulian leader. Just before Ayato leaves Tokyo Jupiter for the first time, Maya is injured by flying debris, and Ayato is severely rattled when he sees her blue blood. From then on, he is fearful and mistrusting of her. Maya reveals that she is actually Ayato's aunt, and that she adopted Ayato. She was originally sent to the human world along with her sister Quon (Ayato's biological mother). The only Mulian that was there before them was Ernst von Bähbem. Maya was raised by Shougo Rikudo while Quon slept in the care of Bähbem. Maya married Rikudo's research assistant, Shirow Watari. When Maya's Mu phase awakened, she left her husband and joined the Mu.

In other versionsEdit

In the movie, Maya is Ayato's biological mother, and her turn to the Mu is more violent: She ran away while pregnant with Ayato and killed his father.

In the manga, Maya does not turn from the "normal" humans to the Mu. She turns from a kind Mulian who shows compassion for Reika into a malevolent character who tries to kill Reika and stages a coup d'état within the Mulian government. Her agenda is the eradication of red-blooded humans, and she shows far less attachment to Ayato than in the animated versions.