Mu Tokyo Government General Defense Comander. A former Colonel of the Nation Defense, who defected to the Mu side in the First Great Mu War. He controls the Dolem Largo.

In Depth:Edit

(九鬼 正義 Kuki Masayoshi)Japanese seiyū: Hōchū Ōtsuka
English voice actor: Mike Vance First appearance: Episode 1

Masayoshi Kuki appears as second in command to Maya in Tokyo Jupiter. He sometimes questions Maya's orders and also shows some disapproval of how she treats Ayato. It is revealed that Kuki was the JSDF officer that ordered Jin Kunugi to perform the nuclear strike on the Mu in the Great Mu War. Kuki attacks Nirai-Kanai with the Dolem Largo, and appears invincible to its defense systems. Kunugi, however, activates a Jupiter device, killing Kuki and enacting his revenge before dying of his injuries.  

In other versionsEdit

In the movie, Kuki also acts as the second in command, but without the history and conflict with Kunugi. He does not appear in the manga.