Isshiki Makoto
Born: 1998

Age: 29

The observer sent in by the Earth Federation. He claims to be collaborating with TERRA. He tends to speak coldly to others, and his history is shrouded in mystery.

In Depth: Edit

(一色 真 Isshiki Makoto)

Japanese seiyū: Toshihiko Seki
English voice actor: Illich Guardiola First appearance: Episode 4

Makoto Isshiki, called "The White Snake" because of his albinism and personality, is sent by the Earth Federation to observe at TERRA. He has an extremely haughty and arrogant attitude, and is contemptuous and dismissive of Ayato. His cover is rather shallow, as it is easily discovered that he was sent at the request of the Bähbem Foundation.

When Isshiki was younger, he had long hair and was quite close to Itsuki. During childhood he found an experimental Dolem in the caverns below the Bähbem Institute where he was being raised. He was able to connect with the Dolem and tried to get it to find its 'mom and dad' but became heartbroken when he realized that, like him, it had no true mother or father. He is a clone sharing the DNA of Ernst von Bähbem. He has an inferiority complex which stems from being a D-ranked instrumentalist. He had abilities beyond what was expected of a D type, but he failed to recognize praise from others and let the "D" rating stop him. Because of this, he feels that he has to constantly prove himself. Isshiki hates Mulians and considers them worthless, not realising that he is Mulian himself. He hates being called a "D".

Isshiki has Kunugi removed from his command position, and leads the operation "Downfall" to destroy the barrier surrounding Tokyo Jupiter. Although the operation is successful, it results in a horrific counterattack by the Mu, causing massive losses to TERRA. It is later revealed that he deliberately ignored an order from the Earth Federation not to go through with the operation; he is deposed and imprisoned. Driven to madness, he escapes his cell at the Bähbem Foundation and goes on a killing spree against his fellow clones, and is finally shot to death by Laila Costa, one of Bähbem's assistants.

In other versionsEdit

A number of other D clones appear throughout the series, which may confuse the viewer. In other versions Isshiki appears in the movie only as the head of the Strategic Division of TERRA and the leader of Operation Downfall (J-Buster). He is not shown to have any history with Helena and Itsuki. He does not appear in the manga.