Johji Futagami

Age: 36

By all appearances nothing but a clever journalist, Johji Futagami is hired by TERRA to do coverage for purposes of public relations. However, his investigations extend much further than TERRA is aware of.

In Depth:Edit

(弐神 譲二 Futagami Jõji)

  • Japanese seiyū: Katsunosuke Hori
  • English voice actor: Andy McAvin
  • First appearance: Episode 6

Johji Futagami is a reporter from Amato News who is given exclusive press access to TERRA, making his way around the island of Nirai Kanai asking questions of both principal characters and other local residents. Throughout the series, he is able to supply new information to Haruka, while being involved in investigative journalism. He eventually goes on his own hunt for Ayato and Asahina after their escape from Tokyo Jupiter. It is revealed that his real name is Jumonji Takeshi, and that he is a high ranking intelligence officer with the Earth Federation. In the endgame, he relays orders to the combined TERRA/Federation fleet and tracks down and kills Ernst von Bähbem.

Futagami does not appear in the movie or the manga.