Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

His age is unknown. The present head of the Bähbem Foundation. There is a rumor that he has been the head ever since the company was originally established as Naacal Trading Company in 1576. With the technology derived from applying the excavated OOPARTs and the patents for that technology, he controls the world's economy from behind the scenes, leading this old man to be called a modern-day Rasputin. He is a sponsor of TERRA, and he has a great deal of influence.

In Depth:Edit

Japanese seiyū: Iemasa Kayumi English voice actor: Ted Pfister First appearance: Episode 6

Ernst von Bähbem, also called The Designer, is the cloned host body of an ancient Mulian. His practice of cloning himself has some characters mistakenly calling him a modern Methuselah. Bähbem was responsible for the continent of Mu disappearing into another dimension, and he seeks to rectify the situation by having the world "re-tuned" before the dimensions destroy each other and turn into "mud." Bähbem seems not to care about whether the humans or the Mu are the ones that will succeed in the tuning, or indeed care about the people that he uses to attain his goals. He is later shot and killed by Johji Futagami.

In other versions

In the movie, Bähbem has the stated goal of seeing the Mu prevail in the tuning; his role is otherwise similar to that in the series. Neither Bähbem nor his foundation appear in the manga.