Born: 2000

Age: 27

An ace pilot of the Earth Federation, originally from Indonesia, she is drinking buddies with Haruka and is somewhat of a bad drunk. She is later assigned to TERRA.

In Depth:Edit

(エルフィ・ハディヤット Erufi Hadiyatto)

Japanese seiyū: Yuu Sugimoto
English voice actor: Christine M. Auten First appearance: Episode 1

Elvy Hadhiyat is an ace pilot for TERRA, and participated in the operation to extract Ayato from Tokyo Jupiter in episode 1. She is from Indonesia and is Haruka's drinking buddy. At first she pilots a high-tech jet fighter equipped with a booster that enables her to pass through the Tokyo Jupiter barrier. Later on, she pilots the Vermillion, a Dolem given to TERRA based on the RahXephon.

Her nickname is "Bunga Mawar," meaning "Rose" in Indonesian. She has a handkerchief monogrammed with her nickname and a rose emblem. In the scene where this appears she can also be seen wearing a baseball cap with a rose design on the crown. Elvy parallels Lydia Litvyak, a World War II female fighter ace nicknamed the "White Rose of Stalingrad" and the namesake of the ship in the series.

Although Elvy initially flirts with Ayato and fights to protect him from danger, she becomes very hostile once she finds out that he is a Mulian. She uses the Vermillion to follow Ayato when he returns to Tokyo Jupiter. She is later killed in battle against the Mu when Ayato unites with the RahXephon and sings a 'song' which produces a wave of destruction that destroys her aircraft, surrounding Dolems and various TERRA sea vessels. Elvy, like others who died, is returned to life when the world is re-tuned.

In other versionsEdit

Elvy appears in both the movie and the manga.