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Alpha Squadron

Elvy loses her entire squadron in the first episode, and a new group of pilots is taken on as replacements in episode 7; these pilots are all longtime associates of Elvy's. They are first equipped with advanced fighter planes and eventually receive Vermillions from the Bähbem Foundation. They do not appear in the manga or movie versions.

Jean-Patrick "Maestro" Shapplin[edit | edit source]

Seiyū: Fumioki. Voice actor: James Faulkner

Shapplin is the senior pilot and taught the other three pilots. He now flies with them under the command of his student Elvy. He has a noted preference for classical music.

Donny "Tonpu" Wong[edit | edit source]

Seiyū: Dai Matsumoto. Voice actor: Paul Locklear

A mild-mannered pilot. He develops a romantic interest towards Elvy. He is killed by Mamoru's Dolem, Obbligato.

Cathy "Crazy Horse" McMahon[edit | edit source]

Seiyū: Kae Araki. Voice actor: Allison Keith

An extremely busty blonde who wears a cowboy hat with her working uniform. In episode 9, she competes with Elvy over which one of them Ayato will do a sketch of. During her final sortie, her Vermillion is attacked by the Dolem Alegretto, which causes the body within the Vermillion to break free of its armor and explode.

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